Alongside the International Carriage Driving, enjoy browsing, shopping and eating in our ‘Village’. The exhibitors and catering businesses will give you a very warm welcome in this cozy central square where visitors, exhibitors and drivers can meet. The shopping is very diverse and you will find something for everyone! It ranges from cute interior decorations to carriages and DVI clothing to mountain bikes. Let us surprise you!

Our youngest guests are welcome in the ‘Kids Village’ where they will discover much to keep them entertained! A ‘Flying Carpet’ pulled by horses, a sand playpit and numerous other (supervised) activities. Of course a visit to the ‘Village’ and the Kids entertainment is free!

If you are interested in please contact us:

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1. Pitt Marc Otten
2. Nanouk Weijnen
3. Dominick/Equismart
4. Mensport
5. Hipposofia
6. Hippe tassen
7. Axthelm
8. Botaboots
9. EMS
10. Blessings BV
11. Koets en Co
12. Equitrend
13. t Leuke winkeltje
14. Plooij hats
15. Van den Heuvel
16. MECtwelve
17. Hey Bisco
18. JG Sattlerei
19. Ricky fashion
20. DVI Infostand
21. Jan Snellen
22. Stichting Mensport zuid-oost Brabant
23. Sommerset outdoor
24. Cavalinho
25. Coolman Tom
26. Terrazza
27. De Paardenverzorger
28. Hay playbag
29. Duoprotection