Eqclusive are delighted to supply Universal Brush Packs for Grooms Prize Giving at FEI Driving World Championship Valkenswaard 2020

Eqclusive are delighted to supply Universal Brush Packs for Grooms Prize Giving at FEI Driving World Championship Valkenswaard 2020. The OC of DVI are most thankful for the kindness in recognising the hard working grooms with a beautiful Prize Pack. Eqclusive have provided a description of their pack below, if you need any further information please reach out to Eqclusive direct here and they will be delighted to help you out. 

Eqclusive is a company that was founded on quality and a commitment to keeping your horses and
animals beautiful. Owner and founder, Marta Kotonska, is the creator of the patented Eqclusive
packs, which have been specifically designed for the different equine coat colours.Eqclusive brush packs have been designed to work with each of the three main types of coats, targeting the common attributes specific to each type. The brush packs clean the coat from the skin
right to the top coat, and help you to achieve a natural, long lasting shine.

The range consists of three main packs - White/Grey/Coloured, Light Bay/Chestnut, and Black/Dark
Bay. Alongside this, Eqclusive have launched the Universal Pack, a complete multi-purpose set made
to cater to every coat colour.

Each brush has an individual name and purpose, and should be used in conjunction with the
instructions that are included in each pack. The first brushes are used to clean deep into the base of
the coat, reaching right down to the skin and bringing the compacted dirt and dust to the surface.
The density of the first brushes is important, as this is what gives you the ability to go through the
coat, clean the skin and pores, and achieve amazing results. The next brushes in the pack will then
clean the top coat and polish it off, leaving you with a natural, healthy looking shine. With proper
use, these brushes can truly help to improve the condition of your horses’ skin and coat, while giving
them a natural shine that you would not have thought possible.

The brushes themselves are made of ethically – sourced horse hair, which produce outstanding
results when it comes to grooming. The shine and coat condition achieved with these brushes is
beyond what you could achieve with plastic bristle brushes - they truly improve the condition of the
skin and coat, without the need for any synthetic sprays or ointments.

Eqclusive believe in their brushes so much, they offer a money back guarantee.

If you would like to shop or find out more please visit www.eqclusive.com.

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