International Pair and Four-in-Hand Carriage Driving Teams
Welcome in Valkenswaard

The 2024 Edition of Driving Valkenswaard International has been cancelled. 

We hope to welcome you back to Exell Equestrian in the future. 

FEI Driving Pair and Four-in-Hand Competition 2024 - Cancelled


It is with deep regret and sadness that the Organising Committee (OC) have had no choice but to cancel the upcoming 2024 event.

The committee has exhausted all options including; attending a court case prior to Christmas which sought to reach an agreement with Groen & Heem regarding securing additional ammonia rights on the competition terrain but to no avail. We further explored the possibility of a partnership with Jan Tops and the team at Tops International to host our drivers which was received positively but it became apparent that the issue of overall ammonia rights was still problematic and as a final attempt to find a way our competition could go ahead we sought to stable our competitors just over the border in Belgium but that option was not logistically possible. We understand that other events in our area are sadly also affected by similar objections.

The OC of Driving Valkenswaard International will continue to work together with Gemeente Valkenswaard, who continue to be supportive of our event, to come to agreement with external stakeholders to allow us to proceed with DVI in the future.

On behalf of DVI, I sincerely thank Valkenswaard Council, Boyd and Preetha Exell and all others involved who have worked tirelessly to try and bring the event to fruition for their support. We look forward to being able to proudly host DVI again in the future.

Ludo Hertroijs





Driving Valkenswaard International


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