FEI Driving World Championship Four-in-Hand Valkenswaard 2020 Cancelled

It is with huge regret and disappointment that the OC of DVI2020 must announce that the FEI Driving World Championship Four-in-Hand Valkenswaard 2020 is cancelled.

The FEI Driving World Championship Four-in-Hand that was due to take place in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands next week, is cancelled. 

Until this morning, the OC had the green light for the competition. After a meeting today with the Board of the OC and the Valkenswaard municipality, the Mayor withdrew the existing permit for the event. It is important to know that the organisation had permission and all necessary permits to organise the World Championship. All requirements were met and everything was arranged to organise a safe competition without spectators within the existing regulations.

The organisation of Driving Valkenswaard International (DVI) is extremely disappointed. DVI wanted to show that it is possible to practice our beloved sport in competition format, despite all corona restrictions. The organisation has put in a huge amount of work out of love for the driving sport. Everything was set for a safe World Championship that met all requirements and all permits were arranged. The decision of the municipality was an unexpected decision.

The incorrect publications in the media concerning the permit has not helped us. The negative comments from several Dutch competitors in particular regarding our organisation have damaged our position. That is disappointing and is not in favor of the four-in-hand sport. The Organising Committee want to thank everyone who has been involved, a lot of work has gone into the event and for now the OC are regrouping to look to the future. 


Driving Valkenswaard International


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