Ideal Harness for Pairs Marathon Winner

The winner of the Horse Pairs Marathon Class at Driving Valkenswaard International on Saturday June 1st will be awarded with a set of Ideal LeatherTech pair harness, offered by Ideal Equestrian.

The Ideal LeatherTech harness is made with top quality leather which has been tanned using an ‘oil pull up’ process, creating an even softer more pliable texture. This special tanning technique makes the leather low in maintenance due to the high amount of oil used in it’s production.

LeatherTech is a combi harness offering drivers maximum combination versatility and user comfort. With a few small adjustments and spare parts this harness can be easily used to drive single, pairs, tandem, random or teams. A perfect choice for drivers who drive a mix of combinations.

Driving Valkenswaard International


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