Zilco Harness for Winner Horse Teams Marathon

Zilco Europe will be awarding the winner of the Horse Teams Marathon phase at Driving Valkenswaard International 2019 a bespoke set of Zilco Classic team harness.


The Classic harness is versatile for all driving activities. It has traditional proportions in keeping for formal and traditional occasions, such as showing, dressage and cones, whilst having the core strength to withstand the rigors of marathon and tough competition conditions. As classic harness parts are interchangeable throughout the size range and combinations, the winner will be able to choose a harness to fit each individual horse, which make up their team. A representative from Zilco will be in attendance on Saturday 1st June so please visit them on the Boyd Exell stand to find out more about their harness ranges and the options available to create a bespoke harness to suit your driving needs.


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